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I hope that my presentation has shown the kind of activities that Webheads carry on and are involved in as language teachers, from exploring and experimenting with tools, alone or collaboratively, to giving feedback, collaborating with peers all over the world, lending a helping hand whenever necessary whatever the time of day or night.


Above all, I hope this presentation has given you a good idea of how Web 2.0 tools can be used in the blended and online classroom, and how they can enhance and enrich language learning.


Going back to my intro, I'll remake my point: Web 2.0 tools allow each and everyone of us to embrace Lifelong Learning in a collaborative way - much more fun, F.U.N. and exciting! -, and to keep on Connecting Facilitators and Transcending Borders, the theme of our conference.


They will change your lessons completely, will make them a motivating and exciting experience, and will better prepare your students for the future.


The choice is yours! But...

remember, your students will never forget these classes, nor you! They will have a lasting imprint on all involved.


Thank you!



I hope you will leave comments in this wiki or email me at




if you have any ideas to share, doubts, further questions...

or just to let me know that you've embraced Web 2.0 tools.  :-)


Thank you again for being here with me!



(The link to the audio file will be posted here shortly.)


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