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I like to associate a name to a face, so using video at times can be an exciting, revealing and very pleasant experience. It can be used to send your students a message, or for students to send you a message. But beware of its use with young learners and with certain cultures.


Video can be used in numerous other situations. However, it is unwise to use it during a presentation, because it takes up a lot of bandwidth. It may be best to use just for the first few initial minutes, during the intros.


How can we make a video message?



For offline recording

Windows Movie Maker (comes with Windows; go to Start > Programs > Accessories > Entertainment; it works well)

(click here to see an example sent by a student of mine in the last week of school, Jun. 2005)

VIP: When you upload it to Posterous (see Apr 29), it displays a video window


Sightspeedhttp://www.sightspeed.com/ > (download; when you open it, choose the "Video Mail" tab, record your message and write the emails of those you want to send it to; then click "Send")

VIP: You can choose to get a link and an embed code for your message, but it leaves a lot of publicity that can be deleted, because Posterous allows for editing; click here (Apr 29) to see how it comes out


Your webcam should come with software that allows you to record




For online recording

Tokbox (video mail)  (see example Apr 28 on My Posterous) (you record online, send the video message and it stays in your Inbox and Sent; in your mail, you receive a link to the message)




Video hosting tools






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