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Where can we store and share with the world outside the classroom all the work our students do in blended and online lessons with the type of tools I've just shown? Blogs and wikis are my favorite suggestion.


I've been calling them text tools for quite some time, but in fact they are much more than that. They are multimedia tools, because we can link and embed in them different types of  tools, from text to audio, image and video. Thus the title "Multimedia tools".


Blogs and wikis are not only great tools to practice reading and writing. They can also be considered the "4 in 1": the four basic tools integrated in only one tool.


And then there's my latest discovery, "My Posterous", which allows for text, images, audio and video to be sent by email and uploaded in a matter of seconds.


Here are a few examples of work done with these tools.




Two very young friends meet through their blogs

Vicky's Learning Blog



Elementary school

Fun English for Kids (curricular)

Have Fun with English! 2 (extracurricular)

CALL Lessons 2005-2007 (curricular)


Middle school

Teenage Life (8th grade, 4th year EFL) - Etelvina Figueiredo



MEI Level 1 (Spring 2009 English course) - Nina Liakos

In Cyber Touch 2008 (writing course) - Berta Leiva


To upload different materials through email

My Posterous




Remedial work

6th Grade (includes recordings, exercises, scores and feedback for students on their mistakes)



Tecnologia Informática III - Dafne Gonzalez

English Advertising - Aiden Yeh


Online teacher development 



Group presentations

TESOL Colloquium 2007

Wikis: Collaborative Learning Spaces


To plan and organize a conference

WiAOC2009 - Webheads in Action (several people collaborating)





Blog hosts  




My Posterous




Wiki hosts




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